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The Young Bucks Make Amends w/WWE Hall Of Famer They Offended

Remember when Nick and Matt Jackson a/k/a The Young Bucks (f/k/a Generation Me) rubbed several wrestlers the wrong way backstage at a WWE TV taping in August 2011?

For those that do not remember, the tag team got a look in front of producers prior to a WWE TV taping in August 2011. Their work was in front of producers without the crowd present. However, it was what happened out of the ring that made headlines.

At the time, Booker T Tweeted that he ran into "two small guys" backstage and they didn't introduce themselves. He accused them of having "no respect" and later Tweeted if you can't make it in the locker room, you won't make it in the ring.

Goldust Tweeted the following about it in August 2011:

As booker says.....better show some respect when in the locker room, there are good teachers here that know more than you young bucks….

A month prior to the controversy, Rob Van Damimplied The Young Bucks were impolite and lacking in respect for veterans, while he was employed with TNA Wrestling.

Fast-forward three years later and Matt Tweeted the following photo of him and Nick with Booker T from backstage at a Northeastern Wrestling show on Saturday night:

The Young Bucks & Booker T

At the show, The Young Bucks "did the honors" to The Hardy Boys.

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