Zack Ryder Has An Awesome Mom, Watch Kenta Kobashi's Retirement Match

Zack Ryder's Mom Still Takes Care Of Him

In celebration of Mother's Day on Sunday Zack Ryder admitted that his mother still picks him up and takes him to the airport every week and washes his ring gear. Make fun of him all you want but I think that's awesome.  You can read Kofi Kingston, Darren Young, Kaitlyn and The Bella Twins honor their mothers at this link.

Kenta Kobashi's Retirement Match

Kenta Kobashi's retirement match from over the weekend is available in its entirety at this link. You can also watch it embedded in the video below:

  • Nostaljack

    Just one question: who’s Zack Ryder?

    • AK-1138

      A guy whose mom is awesome.

  • Kenneth

    So in other words Zack lives with his mom?

    • Kris B

      Question: If you’re on the road for 10-11 months out of the year, would you want to pay rent/a house note?

    • Kris B

      Also, it says she picks him up.